My project is situated in the southernmost part of the border between Northern Island and the Republic of Ireland along the Newry estuary. In the context of Brexit negotiations and a growing plastic problem in our oceans, it subverts the border in the creation of an urban park bridge encapsulating a crab farm for the creation of bioplastic. The bridge attempts to unify the complexities of the border by a new public space that spans directly over the border. The crab farm and research institute explores the latent potential for crab shells to be turned into environmentally friendly plastic as a valid business model, whilst the meat can be sold in global markets. Thereby, helping to reduce the effects of plastic polluting our oceans. The facility is centered around the growth of crabs, from the factory floor to the park above, where visitors are able to observe the factory processes below. The two towers at either end of the bridge form a focal point in the local community to pave the way for a new era post-Brexit.