A social housing project in Havana, Cuba. In order to solve the bad living condition problem for local poor people who live in slums. The project offer a solution to build cheap social housing by using vierendeel structure and pre-fabricated modules. This is a dynamic housing which can be renewed or replaced when the users have new needs by changing the pre-fabricated modules. This vierendeel performance system can not only be used for social housing, but also other architecture function, like hospital, office, community center, etc, which also can adaptable to other climate condition, different sites. In a word, this vierendeel performance system is a new pre-fabricated system which performs more effectively, more sustainable, adaptively for different conditions and sites.

Discrete architecture is an advanced architecture term, which hasn’t been defined by any scholars precisely yet. From the related research I read, my opinion is that some discrete objects with a few similarities unorganizedly arranged in space, but with a rule or an order, those discrete objects join together in an order to form an active life complex, and the new complex become non-discrete and somehow continous, the new life compex is called “discrete architecture”.The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the potentials of discrete architecture through a branches of tests. Discrete architecture offers the possibility of creating complex geometry. My study will concentrate on pixel architecture first, as pixel architecture is made of similar moduals, each modual is a discrete object, since they are discrete, they can be different and playful,when we jump out and see from the full view, discrete moduals arrange rhythmically and orderly in space which makespixel architecture as “discrete architacture“. If we conctrol the rhythm and test the performance of the building, we may able to heading to the research question, which makes a discrete architecture as performance pattern.