The High Street and intersectional housing scheme

As a Feminist project, the narrative is to respect all groups and to design spaces that protect their individualities as well as the city identity. It is important to consider the different lifestyles and communicate what’s the best for the diverse social actors.

Having opportunities for pop-up markets/events is the initial strategy to bring attention from the town and brighten up the High Street, encouraging potential local independent businesses to start on the street with low costs then move into permanent shops. The future growth for residents and visitors creates a core society between the neighbours, building a connection with the people, the city and the much wider context. The housing scheme is meant to celebrate all kind personalities by understanding the real individual's need behind their wanting such as different room size, ceiling height, housing price and outdoor spaces.

The final proposal is a complex of residential, park and commercial for people to work, live and play. At the current stage, residents move in with a convenient commute to work/university; people visit the events and markets from town or local; Cafe, green sitting area and the cultural showcase create good public realm. In the future, families may move into the neighbour existing houses and pop-up businesses can move into the shops on the high street. The design is for now and the future with adaptabilities.

To Be Continued

A question I've been thinking at the end of this project is: Can the structure be flexible so spaces can be changed to adapt rather than being permanent too? I'll be exploring this in the soon future.