The New Library

Shrewsbury, England

Rethinking the roles and identity of the Shrewsbury Old Library, the proposal is to bring the values of the Old Library into the New Library. The spaces are designed to bring the vibes of the Old Library where the spaces feel very connected to the context around it. The building design celebrates the loop shape of Shrewsbury surrounded by the River Severn.

Sitting in between the Church area and "The Quarry", the New Library acts as a threshold between the two significant places in Shrewsbury thus creating a platform for these two places to be connected. The elevations are designed to be subtle thus not contracting and opposing the sense of power that the Church carries.

The public squares on the Church area and the park complete the proposal, creating a communal leisure space for the public and promotes the idea of a library is not just a place to read books, but it is a perfect place for everybody.