"D'Rywaste Plant"  - [ Waste-To-Energy Plant Facility ]

  In the midst of Ireland’s mission to achieve 33% renewable energy to run the industrial and infrastructure economy by 2026, there’s currently lacking machinery that can produce cleaner energy, especially in Northern Ireland.In the context of a no-deal BREXIT, an initiative to allow free flow of energy trade in Ireland through the Single Economy Market should be set up. Therefore an alternative energy solution proposal for a Waste-to-Energy Plant in Londonderry is needed.

          “D’Rywaste Plant” processes residual household waste from Derry and other municipalities around it. It can process roughly 100 000 tonnes of waste and provide district heating for 36,000 households in Derry and electricity for another 18,000. The UK wasted 7.8 million tonnes of waste yearly therefore the Plant will unlikely run out of supply plus the gains of importing waste outweigh losses even when considering transportation. The facility has an aquatic leisure section which facilitates an indoor and sauna pool and heated by the regulated clean steam produced from waste incineration

           The facility incorporates a circulation route that gives the public the freedom to explore the whole building without disrupting the facilities' process. The main processing building section if a stacked-level layout in the center of the facility which sits on top of the waste bunker and is wrapped around with a gridshell glass structure. The transparency of the processes promotes and educates the public on the importance of re-wasting and carbon neutrality. Wastes from the incineration such as ash are collected and stored to produce ashcrete, material for future maintenance and construction.  With a sloping green hill for its roof, the public will be attracted to explore the inside processes by peeking through the glass dome or enjoy a glass of tea at the sea cafe with a amazing scenic views of Lough Foyle. This would hopefully bring more crowd in and change the perspective of a dirty, smelly landfill site