My project lies to the north of Shrewsbury bridging a gentle curve on the River Severn. The larger-scale ambition is to regenerate the site of a late 90’s shopping centre that sits within a flood zone and restore the towns connected to the river. The intended architectural intervention can be read as a series of parts, serving to direct and frame community and council engagement, to re-define and give a new sense of place to the site, prioritise pedestrians over traffic and connect it to the already developed system of open public spaces in the town.

I am proposing two new buildings, one for the town council and one for the community. The council building has new office spaces and a council forum for discussion. The building will also be shared by local trust groups that invest in the community and the heritage of the area, such as the canal and river trust. 

The community building creates new lecture and workspaces for the university, a flexible exhibition space and a new library that doubles as a vertical gallery, housing some of the precious historical artefacts from Shrewsbury's rich history.