How does memory initiate a state of change? How is memory preserved from all-consuming movement of time? And lastly, how does memory allow us to transcend through space?

The project lies in the seemingly derelict Irk Valley in northern Manchester. What once was a centre of industrial and economic activity now is abandoned and overgrown. Amongst it's wilderness one may find three buildings connected with the Path of Time : Hall of Serenity, a water cremation facility, Hall of Connection, a building for wake ceremonies and Hall of Reflections, a columbarium. By allocating said buildings in different parts of the site and connecting them with the Path of Time, Irk Valley suddenly becomes the central element of the scheme - it becomes meditative space for contemplation, reflection and forgiveness, while the buildings become the background. 

My name is David Baraev, and I am a 3rd Year student at MSA. In between my 2nd and 3rd year of studies I was invited to work as an Architectural Assistant at Herzog & de Meuron, in Basel, Switzerland. I have participated in developement of a number of projects, most well-known being the 478 Badaevskiy Brewery in Moscow, Russia, where I had become the main 3D visualiser in the team. As well as this, I have worked on other residential and office proposals and have been through the Swiss equivalents of Stages 0 through 4 of RIBA Plan of Work.