Archaeological Museum of Shropshire 

My thesis is exploring how history and local archaeology are reflected in the fragments of the city, representing the collective memory, therefore creating the very identity, of a place. I am investigating the urban and societal changes that happened in Shrewsbury and Shropshire over the centuries and focus in particular on the urban artefacts and fragments that have been it preserved. This allowed me to reveal the presence of a continual memory of place that informs the identity of Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

For the public of Shropshire and Shrewsbury and future generations to come, by examining this particular city’s urban, historical and architectural form, this research aims to provide solutions on how to preserve a city’s memory and identity. Through an understanding of the city space, it is possible to trace the fragments of memory to reveal that the architectural and urban form of a place must always respond to the already existing historical identity of a city.