This project is based upon the effects of Brexit on the Fresh Produce industry in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Through research and analysis at the macro, meso and micro scales, I have designed a marketplace within the city of Derry for the producers and shoppers in the area. I have an interest in using data alongside the opinions of the people that will use the architecture created, to design spaces that can last for decades and still be relevant. My project looks at changing the way in which a whole industry could operate with new technologies whilst also remembering and celebrating the history of a city and the social forums created by past civilisations. 

I began this project by looking at specific areas of the fresh produce industry including fishing, farming and the supermarket processes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This research led to a final outcome in December that covered the bases in the macroeconomic sense but lacked connection to the people in Derry. I made the bold decision to change my site from a remote location on the border to the city centre of Derry, giving the people more of a connection to the shopping experience and allowing for data collection through the daily processes of a marketplace forum - a much more organic approach. The solution is to make a hub for all major cities on the Irish border to ensure that every area can receive fresh produce in a more efficient and seamless method compared to before Brexit.