Thesis Project: The Intergenerational Play in the City - "Ancoats"

In Ancoats, Manchester, social isolation has been an issue since there are lacking social activities to bring different households together. Social isolation is a state of physical separation from other people, and it can link to other physical and mental health problems. Therefore, the thesis’s project aims to design a housing community in Ancoats, which connect people in a community by promoting social activities. Moreover, there is a focusing on the housing community centre design, which locates in a housing area. It is a place where all generations gather and share intergenerational activities.

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Dissertation: Toward the Smart City Concept in the Built Environment of Ayutthaya

The smart city is one of the essential strategies to tackle various urban issues. Therefore, the dissertation explores how to develop the built environment of Ayutthaya, which is the heritage city of Thailand, by using the smart city concept. To this purpose, dissertation methodologies for collecting data (site visit, site observation, and questionnaire) and analytical stage of data (case study site and questionnaire analysis) are applied in this dissertation to help to suggest the smart city design framework of Ayutthaya. As a result, the implementation of the smart city concept in Ayutthaya city, which help to develop the city urban environment, will affect to enhance the citizens’ well-being and preserve the heritage identity of the city.

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