About me:

I am interested in the future of architecture and technology, and the potential to integrate artificial intelligence into practice. I am always lookging for ways to push the boundaries of traditional practice to open new inter-disciplinary opportunities for architects.

Thesis Project: The Forge:

Located on the asteroid belt, an asteroid mining station set in the near future is home to 2000 asteroid miners. Our design takes a systematic approach to settlement design at a building and urban scale. We critique existing modular space stations, as well as futuristic designs to develop a design solution to what is typically tackled as an engineering problem. We propose an adaptive aggregated system based on complex rules to determine the arrangement of typologies in four dimensional space. This challenges the notion of the planar city, and leverages the weightlessness of our alternative context to demonstrate applications of complex non-planar systems.

The Forge is an architecture thesis project by Michael O'Reilly in collaboration with Jingsi Sun, Yingying Zhou, and Yaseen Bhatti.

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