Project Overview - Our "Home" reborn (Studio B-C)

Detroit and Highland Park are two cities that experienced the glory around the 1920s through the Ford factory but also the fall of the automobile industry around the 1990s which led to the decline, poverty, and the abandonment of cities. The two cities through the years engraved their name in the history of automobiles, mass production, music, culture and art, graffiti, and sports.

Nowadays, Detroit and Highland Park still suffering from the consequences of the decline, and this is noticeable in the everyday life of the cities. Poor housing or homelessness, low income, high poverty rate, lack of jobs, lack of active public spaces, and lack of security are some of the problems that cities face. However, the communities of Detroit and Highland Park work for a better future for cities and their people as there are many active projects and master plans, as well as, non-profit organizations that either support people with shelters, food, and other essential goods or improve the city through ecological practices. 

The proposed project is located in Highland Park which is a city in the center of Detroit and the main strategy is to support and collaborate with existing projects and master plans and at the same time to suggest solutions to some of the problems faced by cities, such as the lack of affordable housing. Aim of the architecture proposal is to transform Highland Park into an urban center, as well as, to serve the essential needs for affordable housing, food, and employment opportunities.

Our "Home" reborn - Part 1

Our "Home" reborn - Part 2

Project Overview - The Living Nest (Studio A)

(with Felix Halim)

The proposed project located in Moss Side and Hulme and aims to create a living community in this area. Considering  Moss Side and Hulme as the area of residential which had a period of growth in housing since the 19th century, we determine to research further in social housing for this area.

We notice many people live in miserable conditions in Manchester. We often see people live on the street and in front of the supermarket or other places where many activities happen in that place. They do not have either a place to live or others to communicate. 

Having the information from some organizations that of charge in social housing like SPIN, we understand that many families still on the waiting list, looking for a social house.

The Living Nest project aims to provide social houses as a prototype. Not only a place to live but also a place to grow their own food and start their own business, also communicate to each other as a     community. We have the vision that this prototype of the social houses will grow and develop to the whole city of Manchester, the United Kingdom, and even to the whole world.

The Living Nest


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