During a fateful visit to the Irk Valley, a man walked into the site as I walked out. When asked what does he use the site for, he explained that he found his space here, away from the city centre. The valley is his sanctuary.

The project is developed to rebuild life and to move forward into another phase. Life is about movements, making meaningful connections. It is about moving ahead towards a goal and about taking chances. 

The project will collaborate with present associations which aid the homeless, providing hostel and formal communication by providing work stations and mailboxes. The buildings allow opportunities for exposure to work participation, social life and skill-sets. The programme will provide its inhabitants with a sense of achievement by being involved within the community. One of the essential aspects is dislodging the uncertainty and grow a comfortable state of mind. 

In conjunction with the thoughts of mental wellbeing, the materiality was chosen to emphasise the programme of the building. Timber is a sustainable material which provides many psychological and physical health benefits suitable to aid the occupants.

Overall, the project will lead its users to build a sanctuary, to strive to their aspirations.