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Senior Lecturer

0161 247 6953

Chatham 610

Rick is a Manchester graduate and Registered Architect who has worked in practice for 10 years prior to a career in architectural education at Liverpool University, NCUK Malaysia and the MSA. He has previously supervised postgraduate research at MA level within the Department of Fine Arts at MMU. He teaches and lectures on undergraduate programmes across the School of Architecture.

Rick, along with Amy Hanley, leads the Bachelor of Architecture Units ‘Intimate Cities’ and ‘Emergent Topographies’ that are concerned with interdisciplinary approaches for the cultural appropriation of residual urban space, and the transition and evolution of macro post-industrial landscapes that do not have a use [anymore].

Rick’s primary research interest concerns the social relations and programmes that constitute the contemporary city. The position taken is that pleasure intimacy and diversity are illusions within the regulated city of post-modernity and that if the ‘illusion of the real’ is the commodified space of downtown Main Street, then the ‘real’ resides elsewhere. This enquiry is cultural in its broadest sense and interdisciplinary in nature, encompassing social and political theory, anthropology, psychology and the fine arts to inform modes of investigation and representation that inform a critical position within architecture and urban design.

A fascination with modernist, abstract and contemporary art practice provides a complimentary research interest that informs compositional, material, and spatial, processes of architectural exploration and representation. Recent research has investigated the compositional structures of the paintings of the Italian modernist Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964).


A selection of recent research outputs.

Book Chapters

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Rick Dargavel