About Us

The MSSA is a completely student led society at Manchester School of Architecture, we work closely with students, tutors, lecturers and collaborators inside and outside the school to deliver an improved student life for our 800+ members.

Our aims are to provide the broadest possible student experience by supporting social and academic events within and beyond the MSA. We offer an ever-expanding scope of activities and possible pursuits for students to engage within a wider domain of architecture: we arrange frequent lectures, debates, competitions and social events aimed at students.

We source our own funding through our activities, and all profits are reallocated to benefit our members. What’s more, our society is governed by a committee comprising entirely of students across all years, we encourage involvement from students across the school and always appreciate students who are willing to join our committee.

The MSSA is run with the support of Manchester School of Architecture, as part of Manchester School of Art within both The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.


Membership of the MSSA is automatic and free for all students of Manchester School of Architecture. Unlike many student societies of architecture, we do not charge fee of entry for the society, and believe in representation across the entire school regardless of age or background.

We are the UK’s largest student society of architecture, representing over 800 students across two universities and an art school. We are committed to providing varied opportunities to reflect the diverse aspirations of our members.

MSSA Committee

Our committee is represented by students across the years at MSA, we encourage involvement from all our members and are always looking to increase member representation on the committee, we want to hear your ideas. We meet every Tuesday at 9AM, Chatham 8th floor open studio, feel free to come along!

Benjamin Carter

Benjamin Carter Chair
Hani Salih

Hani Salih Vice Chair
Jack Bowden

Jack Bowden Treasurer
Saskia Tideman

Saskia Tideman Secretary
Eleanor Strange

Eleanor Strange Social Secretary
Holly Vetch

Holly Vetch Social Secretary
Julie Teigen

Julie Teigen Communications Officer
Patrick Millar

Patrick Millar Publicity Officer
Eleanor Moselle

Eleanor Moselle First Year Representative
Rosie Park

Rosie Park First Year Representative
Adam de Vere

Adam de Vere Second Year Representative
Aaron Johal

Aaron Johal Masters Representative


The MSSA is committed to organising events, both social and academic, to improve the experience of our members. Take a look at our calendar and follow our social media to keep informed about the latest MSSA events and socials. Contact our Social Secretaries to learn more about our events or to get involved.

Before You’re Thirty

Before You’re Thirty

BY30 brings together inspirational speakers from around the country to monthly events in Manchester.

We have three speakers at each event who each speak for thirty minutes, offering a totally new way of giving talks. What do they talk about? Architecture, art, music, design, social issues, the future, the past, the present… whatever they deem to be inspirational!

Come along, stay for a drink, meet like minded people, be part of a fresh way of listening to talks. BY30 is open to students, professionals - anyone who's curious.


Manchester School of Architecture Debating Union

MSADU for short, the Manchester School of Architecture Debating Union was set up by students in 2017 to encourage an informal platform for architectural debate outside of the confines of the design studio, where students can discuss architecture with a wider audience and establish new dialogues.

Debates involve students, tutors and external speakers alike - with audience participation wholeheartedly encouraged. An ideal event for any angry architect.

Contact us

The MSSA is always looking for speakers, collaborators, new committee members and people to get involved with our subgroups.

Join our committee: MSA students can join our committee at any time during the year, we’re always happy to meet committed individuals. Come to any one of our meetings, Tuesday, 8th Floor Chatham Tower, 9am.