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16 Feb 2017

Albena Yaneva awarded Lise Meitner Visiting Chair in Architecture at the University of Lund

Director of MARG recognised for her interdisciplinary and innovative work… more »

01 Feb 2017

Fentress Global Challenge win for 'high-flying' MArch graduate

Rafat designs the 'Airport of the Future'… more »

Sophie Cosgrove and Alex Gabrysch

31 Oct 2016

Architects and artists collaborate for FAVORITEN Theatre Festival

Unionviertal field visit provides inspiration for site-specific installations, performances and artifacts… more »

19 May 2016

Biennale Sessions 2016

MSA participates in international project… more »

13 May 2016

Making post-war Manchester: visions of an unmade city

New exhibition explores the city that could have been… more »

Prototype of a habitat on Mars.

03 May 2016

Student in top 10 for Mars City Design competition

Architecture student's Martian designs impress judges… more »

24 Mar 2016

Manchester School of Architecture named among the world's best

"A measure of the very interesting exploratory and ground breaking work we do"… more »

17 Mar 2016

Behind Beijing project shows lives of Chinese citizens

Photographer to document human stories… more »

25 Feb 2016

MSA Hosts British Council Competition Winners

Think. Design. MAKE… more »

22 Feb 2016

Big investment for School of Art workshops

A new 5 Axis CNC machine will be arriving this June… more »

February 2017


Until Tuesday 1st August

B.15: ARCHITYPES Exhibition… details »

Other Event

Wednesday 22nd

Postgraduate Courses Fair… details »

Public Lecture

Friday 24th

Tony Fretton… details »

March 2017

Other Event

Wednesday 1st

Spring Talks: Lukasz Stanek… details »

Other Event

Wednesday 29th

Spring Talks: Angela Connelly… details »

April 2017

Other Event

Wednesday 19th

Spring Talks: Leandro Minuchin… details »

May 2017

Other Event

Wednesday 24th

Spring Talks: Albena Yaneva… details »