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Senior Lecturer

0161 247 6922

Chatham 709

Personal Research Statement
Key focus areas of research are into ‘freedom and architecture’, the development of applied pedagogical principles and the communication of architectural language. Research into freedom and architecture involves enquiries into education, politics, economics, colonialism, place, gender and race. Pedagogic research includes liminal Learning, threshold concepts, action workshops, peer mentoring. Practice applied research into material and structure informs the development of lecture communication and architectural language.

Amy Hanley is a member of ARB, RIBA, FHEA and the MSA. Supporting research interests I attend RIBA seminars and CPD’s, CCINW workshops, MSA lectures, road shows and alternative art school Seminars.

Concise Biography
Research into Architectures role and relationship to the concepts of freedom is explored through academic practice within B’Arch Studio Intimate Cities. Intimate Cities develops ideas through the application of theoretical principles in the use of small programmes and affordances that inhabit Manchester’s back streets. Sixth International Conference on the Arts and the Intimate Cities Archive are current events and documents recording these socio-political themes.

Pedagogic research has been developed and applied within the structure of the BA (Hons) Year 3 programme within the Evolutionary Place Unit. The unit’s objectives develop working practices that generate and stimulate learning through group activities and discursive practices in studio. Weekly group activities present threshold concepts that are tackled through action group learning and peer support. Research into the role of the tutor, has led to multiple roles including the skilled helper and the reviewer.

Structures and case study lecture series have been developed through links with practice, the use of digital technology and aligned projects which apply principles.


A selection of recent research outputs.


Opacic-Wilkinson, D., 2017. Formwork Studio / Manchester School of Architecture End of Year Exhibition, Benzie Building, 9/6/2017.

Fenton, M., Parry, S., Dorney, K., Wetherell, M., Crompton, E., Hanley, AL., 2016. Architecture and Performance / How can architecture embody the ethos of an organisation and/or act to include or exclude certain groups?, Contact Theatre - Space 2, 2/3/2016.

MSA YEAR 2, 2012. Making Structures, CUBE GALLERY, 15/5/2012.

Book Chapters

Hanley, AL., 2012. 'Besides Park Güell'. In Besides tourism : revisiting Barcelona's most touristic places, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona.

Scholarly Editions

Jefferies, T., Deane, D., Barry, S., 2017. 'Manchester School of Architecture Year Book 2016', Manchester School of Architecture.

Journal Articles

Hanley, AL., 2018. 'The Dissapearance of Banks: Tracing Practices of Banking', Ardeth, 3.

Hanley, A., Dargavel, R., 2012. 'Intimate Cities', The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review, 6 (5), pp. 189-200.

Conference Papers

Hanley, AL., 2016. 'Edgelands', Theoretical Currents II, University of Lincoln, 4/4/2016 - 5/4/2012.


Hanley, AL., Robertson, J., 2017. 'MSA Spotlight', Benzie Building.

Dargavel, R., Hanley, A., 2011. 'Intimate Cities', 6th International Conference on the Arts in Society, Berlin, 9-11 May 2011.

Hanley, AL., Jolley, V., Sanderson, L., Coucill, L., Robertson, J., Sobell, HB., 2011. 'MAP Manchester Architecture Papers'.

Theses and Dissertations

Hanley, AL., 2012. 'Rethinking Typologies: Genealogy of the bank branch and it's programme-spaces'.

Amy Hanley