Manchester School of Architecture are hosting an exhibition exploring 25 years of Urban Splash’s award-winning projects in the context they were created and against the specific challenges and opportunities of the day.

In keeping with the theme, we are exploring a different use of the cafe space in the Ground Floor Benzie where the exhibition will be located.

The event will be officially opened by Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester), Professor Malcolm Press (Vice Chancellor) and Suzy Jones (Director, RIBA North) on Thursday 8 November 2018.

Monday 5 November

25 years of Urban Splash
An evening with Tom Bloxham MBE,
Chairman, Urban Splash

Benzie Building
Lecture Theatre BZ403

Urban Splash as a private company has helped change the face of post-industrial space in urban England. Tom’s talk will explore the story of Urban Splash as they celebrate their first 25 years through a feast of “before and after” images. Of how from a standing start, Urban Splash has created over £1 billion worth of regeneration developments across UK regions.

He will talk about both restoring historic buildings and also using the best in contemporary architects. Working with large practices like Foster & Partners and Will Alsop, alongside smaller regional and interesting younger practices like FAT, ShedKM, Glen Howells, Simpson Haugh, Hawkins Brown, David Morley, SixTwo and many others.

This will be followed by a Q&A session where all views and debate are encouraged.

Bloxham’s work, in his role as the founder of Urban Splash, has been one of the key factors in helping to spur the renaissance of some of Britain’s cities, from Manchester to Plymouth. The Sunday Times

Monday 12 November

A lecture by Chris Shaw, Associate
Development Director, Urban Splash

Benzie Building
Lecture Theatre BZ403

Chris will talk about how, from a standing start, Urban Splash has developed thousands of homes and created tens of thousands of jobs. This talk will focus on their new innovative House product, and how it has the potential to revolutionise the housing market. Talking through how it is has been designed and delivered from concept to completion, Chris will provide insight into lessons learnt and how their product is designed for production not construction.

Chris will also touch on the placemaking aspects of House and how it has been used so far, providing examples of completed schemes

Urban Splash, widely regarded as the UK’s most innovative developer The Daily Telegraph