It is impossible to consider architecture without thinking about what comes next and our research in this area examines smart cities, material technologies, new forms of fabrication and the way in which society and technology co-exist.

We’re researching autonomous transport networks, smart objects and the Internet of Things. Using virtual and mixed reality we’ve brought digital artefacts into the public domain. We’ve hosted seminars and debates with key stakeholders in the region to affect future policy. Working across the UK in areas of low population density we’ve examined how satellite technology can aid health and social care provision. We’ve authored local plans that help smaller communities to control the spatial development of their towns and we’ve made large scale knitted objects! Further afield, we have researched urbanisation projects in China, to understand more about their central developments and the urban borderlands they involve. We’re researching the role of temporary and festival spaces in urban areas, both in the UK, Europe and the Far East.