Manchester School of Architecture
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July 2013 - Presentation at La Novela Festival, Toulouse:

Four students from MSA presented their work Liverpool Museum at the Toulouse La Novela festival on the 9th October 2012.

La Novela is an annual celebration of knowledge and culture organised by the city of Toulouse. The students presented their work to an international audience of researchers. It will be held again this October 2013 with further presentations from international students on knowledge controversies.

July 2012 - Presentation at Futur en Seine, Paris:

Two teams of students presented their work at the French Festival Futur-en-Seine in Paris on 15 June 2012. The two chosen teams were Liverpool Waters and London River Park.

Futur-en-Seine is an international Digital World Festival that shows each year the latest digital innovations to French and international professionals. It allows entrepreneurs, designers and researchers to engage in discussion on digital technologies with the general public.

March 2012 - New Book by Dr Albena Yaneva.

Mapping Controversies in Architecture

This book tackles a number of challenging questions: How can we conceptualize architectural objects and practices without falling into the divides architecture/society, nature/culture, materiality/meaning? How can we prevent these abstractions from continuing to blind architectural theory? What is the alternative to critical architecture?

It places architecture at the intersection of the human and the nonhuman, the particular and the general. It allows its networks to be re-established and to run between local and global, social and technical. Mapping controversies can be extrapolated to a wide range of complex phenomena of hybrid nature.

Note: All of the 2012 mapping controversies student websites are now available to view online.